Lingerie wash soyelle, phosphate free, Biodegradable, ISO 14001 (february 2012)
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Une lessive sans phosphate

What does that mean?

The fact that it is phosphate-free: phosphates are one of the causes of the proliferation of algae in surface water. These algae consume the oxygen essential for the development of aquatic life. Phosphate-free, Soyelle wash goes even further in respect for aquatic life and the environment in general: it contains no phosphorus compounds at all, frequently used in most detergents currently on the market.

The fact that it is biodegradable: surface agents (surfactants) contained in Soyelle wash fully comply with the biodegradability requirements of the detergent regulation. Furthermore, Soyelle wash contains no phosphonates, nor acrylic polymer type dispersants. Instead, it contains sodium citrates (derived from citric acid) and zeolites. Soyelle has also been formulated free of optical brighteners: poorly biodegradable, these substances accumulate in water treatment sludge and river sediments, in the flesh of fish and plant roots.


Soyelle est une formule sans colorant et sans conservateur

Soyelle has been specially formulated to:

  • Act against greying and yellowing: in particular, its formula contains sequestering agents against greying.
  • Make clothes soft: also contains sequestering agents against stiffness with "washing" boosters.
  • Respect the original aspect and colour of laundry: combination of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate for a neutral, buffered pH to respect colours and fibres, even the most delicate. Fabrics remain soft and keep their original colour. Free of powerful chlorinated or oxygenated oxidizing agents to strengthen respect for colours.
  • Fight against the ineffective and "damaging" presence of lather: no silicon compounds but soap, a lather regulator.
  • Guarantee absolutely no residue on laundry (and hence on your skin): highly soluble, even at low temperatures, Soyelle wash leaves no residue on laundry and prevents incrustation on and within the fibres, while at the same time eliminating the residues from previous washes.


Soyelle products are manufactured traditionally in France (in an ISO 14001* certified plant), protecting you from any possible allergies due to industrial detergents. The magic potion for the well-being of your skin, your clothes and the environment!