Lingerie wash soyelle, phosphate free, Biodegradable, ISO 14001 (february 2012)
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Comme une odeur de printemps

Lightly perfumed (fragrance developed in Grasse), Soyelle wash leaves a light, flowery fragrance, that persists and is recognizable : our hallmark!

Such a joy to smell that freshly washed smell of clean laundry! Breathe in that smell of yesteryear when you open your cupboards! Close your eyes and experience that nostalgic childhood smell of home washing. And should you decide to store your Soyelle wash in your bathroom, it will diffuse its delicate perfume there too.

So, to extend the life of your favourite lingerie, your little silk tops, your cashmeres and your mohair jumpers: Soyelle! To enhance the appearance and texture of all your clothes (jeans, T-shirts, duvets, blankets, etc.).
Soyelle again and again!

Petit Guide pour l'entretien des textiles délicats

Important: Always check the washing instructions on the garment label!

Lingerie and tights
Washing : Handwash with Soyelle wash or use a washing bag for machine washing.
Rinsing   : Rinse well, do not scrub and gently squeeze the garment to wring it out.
Drying    : Dry flat to prevent stretching.

Washing : Check that the colours are fast, especially for darker colours. Wash silks by hand in cool water.

Rinsing   : Soak gently and wrap in a towel to remove excess water. Important: Never scrub silk when it is wet.
Drying      : Hang on a padded hanger, away from sunlight or artificial heat.

Washing : Wash after each use to remove chlorine, sweat or sun cream.
Rinsing   : Rinse in cool water and never leave wet swimwear in a heap.
Drying     : Dry away from sunlight as colours may fade.

Washing : Wash in cool water to prevent shrinking and preserve colours.
Rinsing   : Rinse well and do not wring as it may damage the fabric and deform the garment.
Drying     : Dry flat to prevent stretching.

Vrai ou faux

Soap that lathers is better!
Lather does not necessarily produce a better result. And with less lather, clothes are easier to rinse.

Only hot water can clean clothes deeply!
Hot water damages some fabrics and may even incrust stains. Soyelle is specially designed for cool washes.