Lingerie wash soyelle, phosphate free, Biodegradable, ISO 14001 (february 2012)
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Soyelle... Just for her !

Ideas that add a little sparkle...

Available in over 800 boutiques in France,
Soyelle has created and sells
 a collection of lingerie accessories which offers practical, elegant and innovative solutions for the modern woman.

Of course, Soyelle is also known all over the world for i
t's special lingerie wash : a biodegradable fabric wash specially formulated to care for lingerie and fine washables, phosphate free and since February 2012 ISO 14001 (environmental protection).

Soyelle is also known for its philosophy and its cheerfulness : indeed, at Soyelle we believe that it’s the little things that count and that a good idea and a smile can make a difference. That every woman needs a helping hand and a few useful secrets.